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ScreenLifter Conference 85 - The Ultimate Huddle Room Solution

The new ScreenLifter Conference is based on the thousand fold approved ScreenLifter 85 and was designed as a convenient und comfortable All-in-One conference- and presentation technology solution.

Thanks to the rotating castors you can change every room easy, fast and uncomplicated into a full-fledged conference room. With the new ScreenLifter Conference you also save the much higher cost versus stationary conference room technology.

Furthermore other facilities such as meeting rooms, huddle rooms, canteen, foyer or hotel suits stay free of immovable presentation technic and can still be used for other purposes.

The electric height-adjustable Screenlifter Conference 85 possesses a display rotation function and can be moved easily trough doorframes and even be transported via elevator. Thus allows the usage on different floors fast and easily.


  • Mobile and rollable presentation- and conference system for displays up to 85“ and 90 Kg weight
  • Integrated Multimedia PC with Intel® i3 processor, 60 GB, HDMI, USB, WLAN and Windows® 7 Pro
  • Integrated Logitech® Full HD Stereo webcam for videoconference applications such as Skype™, Google Hangouts™ and nearly every other videochat-client
  • Integrated Bose® Solo 5 Soundbar for clear and undistorted speech quality
  • Optional wireless HDMI radio link with USB senders to plug in to your Laptop, PC, Tablet-PC etc.(For the wireless broadcast of picture and sound you only have to stick the WLAN stick in the HDMI port of the Laptop. There is no extra software or modification needed)


  • Elegant Design and high-quality materials
  • Smooth electric height-adjustment up to 200 cm
  • Display rotation function (horizontal/vertical)
  • Tool-free repositioning in only 5 minutes
  • Available with VESA or 5-Point-bracket
  • Integrated Multimedia PC with Windows® 7
  • Integrated Bose® Solo 5 Soundbar
  • Integrated Logitech® Full HD Stereo Webcam
  • Media Tray for holding PC and cables
  • Optional wireless HDMI radio link
  • Further options available on request

Download Screenlifter Conference 85 data sheet