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Category Project Time Location Preview
Permanent Installation Motel ONE Art Project  2018 Bonn
Permanent Installation Visitor center of the RAG control 2019 Herne
Permanent Installation Laura & Lisa München 2019 Munich
Fair EMO 2019 - The world's leading trade fair for metalworking 2019 Hannover
Permanent Installation Reisenthel Shop Display Installation 2018 Munich
Permanent Installation Decathlon Shop Window Display Installation 2018 Leipzig
Permanent Installation Decathlon Köln Videowall 2018 Köln
Permanent Installation Decathlon Bielefeld Videowall 2018 Bielefeld
Permanent Installation Zoo Rostock Projection Climate Housings 2018 Rostock
Fair HSI HoloScreen Interactive 2013 China, Beijing
Fair 360° X-Ray Circle Scanner 2013 Dubai
Permanent Installation Multitouch Sphere Projektion 2013 Aserbeidschan
Fair Coperion GmbH 2013 Munich, Germany
Permanent Installation Interactive Shop Window 2013 Munich, Germany
Permanent Installation Info Displays 2013 Germany
Permanent Installation Straw Museum 2013 Switzerland, Wohlen
Permanent Installation Natural History Museum 2012 Austria, Vienna
Permanent Installation Aker Solutions 2012 Norway, Oslo
Fair Digital Signage Expo 2012 2012 Berlin
Fair Infocomm Las Vegas 2012 2012 USA, Las Vegas
Permanent Installation Technology Concern 2012 Munich
Permanent Installation German Trade Union Conference Room 2011 Munich
Permanent Installation Multitouch Halbkugel Projektion 2011 Usbekistan
Tv production Wanna Bet? 2011 Norris
Permantent Installation Chanel Austria 2011 Graz
TV production German Television Award 2011 Cologne
Event Audi MMK 2011 2011 Munich
Permanent Installation Subway Advertising System 2011 Berlin
Event POPAI Award 2011 2010 Düsseldorf
Event 100 Years Nivea  Celebration 2011 Hambrug
Fair VW Passat Roadshow 2010 Nationwide
Fair Peugeot 200 Years anniversary 2010 Valencia, Spain
Fair FI Finanzinformatik Technology-Service 2010 Frankfurt
TV-Production Questions. Philosophy in conversation 2010 Mainz
 TV-Production The fantastic quiz of humans  2010  Cologne
Permantent Installation    Emerenz-Meier-House Emigrant Museum 2010 Waldkirchen
Event Kaust - university opening 2009 Saudia Arabia, Jeddah Kaust
TV production ZDF „Das will ich wissen!“ 2009 Berlin „Das will ich wissen!“
Permanent installation Haydn Museum 2009 Eisenstadt Haydn Museum
TV production Eurosport Paris 2009 Paris Eurosport Paris
TV production 3sat "Seitensprung" 2009 Mainz „Seitensprung“
TV production Santec Studio 2009 Würzburg Santec Studio
TV production ZDF „Das will ich wissen!“ 2008 Hamburg „Das will ich wissen!“
Permanent installation Miraculum 5D cinema 2008 Vienna Miraculum 5D-Kino
Product development GiantTower 181 2008 Munich GiantTower 181
Permanent installation Olympia Promotion SOCHI 2014 2008 Moscow Olympia Promotion SOCHI 2014
Permanent installation 3sat Kulturzeit 2008 Mainz 3sat Kulturzeit
Permanent installation 3sat Nano 2008 Mainz 3sat Nano
Public event "Rausch in Farbe" 2008 Munich “Rausch in Farbe“
Fair Motorshow Seoul 2007 Korea Motorshow Seoul
Permanent installation Mustang Museum 2007 Künzelsau Mustang Museum
TV production Bavarian TV Award 2007 2007 Munich Bayerischer Fernsehpreis 2007
Fair Bavaria Innovative 2007 2007 Munich Bayern Innovativ 2007
Fair Auto Shanghai 2007 Korea Auto Shanghai
Corporate event Braun GmbH 2006 Frankfurt Braun GmbH
Public event Visit of Pope Benedikt XVI. 2006 Munich Besuch von Papst Benedikt XVI.
TV production aktuelles Sportstudio 2006 Mainz aktuelles Sportstudio
Fair SAE Brazil 2006 Sao Paulo SAE Brasilien
Corporate event Siemens Linear Motor Systems 2006 Munich SAE Brasilien
TV production arena tv studio technique 2006 nationwide arena tv Studiotechnik
Fair interMat 2006 Paris interMat
Corporate event Tecforum at Renault 2006 Paris SAE Brasilien
TV production Echo 2006 2006 Berlin Echo 2006
Public event H+S Event 2006 Rüsselsheim H+S Event
TV production Stars on Ice 2006 Rust Stars auf Eis
Public event "Rausch in Farbe" 2006 Munich “Rausch in Farbe“
TV production Galileo Special 2006 Munich SAE Brasilien
Fair Technikforum Opel 2006 Rüsselsheim Technikforum Opel
Public event S 3D Today Conference 2006 Munich S 3D Today Konferenz
Public event EON Cultural Award Bavaria 2006 Nürnberg EON Kulturpreis Bayern
TV production Bavarian TV Award 2006 2006 Munich Bayerischer Fernsehpreis 2006
Public event EON 3 side cave projection 2005 Munich EON 3-seiten Cave Projektion
TV production ZDF "If this is no reason to celebrate" 2005 Munich  	ZDF Produktion „Wenn das kein Grund zum Feiern ist“
TV production Echo 2005 2005 Berlin Echo 2005
Fair Elecrolux virtual kitchen studio 2005 Cologne Electrolux virtuelles Küchenstudio
Fair Tokyo Motor Show 2005 2005 Japan, Tokyo Tokyo Motor Show 2005
Fair IAA 2005 2005 Frankfurt SAE Brasilien
Corporate event Autodesk 2005 Munich Autodesk
Corporate event Schering GmbH 2005 Greece, Saloniki Schering GmbH
Permanent installation POS Video Display 2005 Stuttgart SAE Brasilien
Permanent installation SIEMENS VR Labor CAVE 2005 Munich SIEMENS VR Labor CAVE
Public event Live projection in the cathedral 2004 Munich Live Projektion in der Frauenkirche
TV production Echo 2004 2004 Berlin Echo 2004
Public event TRANSNET 3D Stereo Projection 2004 Berlin TRANSNET 3D Stereo Projektion
TV-Produktion Bavarian TV Award 2004 Munich Bayrischer Fernsehpreis
TV production SAT 1 „Otti's Wiesn Hits 2004" 2004 Munich SAT 1 Produktion „Otti's Wiesn Hits 2004
Fair AMF Deckensysteme ceiling projection 2004 Munich AMF Deckensysteme Deckenprojektion
Ausstellung ILA 2004 2004 Berlin ILA 2004
TV production Echo 2003 2003 Berlin Echo 2003
Fair Bertelsmann CeBit 2002 2002 Hannover Bertelsmann CeBit 2002
Ausstellung Expo 2002 2002 Swiss Expo 2002
Permanent installation ETH Zurich 2002 Zurich, Swiss Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule
Fair BMW IAA 2001 Frankfurt BMW IAA
Corporate event DaimlerChrysler AG shareholders’ meeting 2001 Berlin DaimlerChrysler AG Hauptversammlung
Corporate event Deutsche Bank shareholders’ meeting 2001 Frankfurt Deutsche Bank Hauptversammlung
Public event SAT1 Ran am Ring 2000 Berlin SAT 1 Ran am Ring
Corporate event Münchener Rück AG shareholders’ meeting 2000 Munich Münchener Rückversicherung AG Hauptversammlung
Corporate event HypoVereinsbank AG shareholders’ meeting 2000 Munich HypoVereinsbank AG Hauptversammlung
Corporate event Volkswagen AG shareholders’ meeting 2000 Hamburg Volkswagen AG Hauptversammlung
Ausstellung Expo 2000 2000 Hannover Expo 2000
Corporate event EADS Headquarter Meeting 2000 Amsterdam EADS Headquarter Meeting
Permanent installation Hugo Boss 2000 worldwide Hugo Boss
Corporate event DaimlerChrysler Partnership with Japan 1999 Japan DaimlerChrysler Partnership with Japan
Fair DSF Telemesse 1999 Düsseldorf DSF Telemesse
Corporate event DaimlerChrysler AG shareholders’ meeting 1999 Stuttgart DaimlerChrysler AG Hauptversammlung
Public event Opening of the Munich Exhibition Centre 1998 Munich Opening der Messe München
Fair Telecom Systems 1998 Munich Telecom Systems
Permanent installation Underground advertising systems 1998 Stuttgart, Hannover U-Bahn Werbesysteme