Interactive Virtual Book

The MediaScreen MonkeyBook - Interactive Virtual Book is an elegant touch desk presentation system with a convex projection screen in an authentic book design. The MonkeyBook - Interactive Virtual Book impresses by its graceful shape and the transparent design of the fine acrylic body.

An integrated, continuous operation capable Micro-PC and a high-precision camera tracking system enables the intuitive user interaction, such as scrolling through the virtual pages of books, video playback, zooming, etc.

The MediaScreen Monkey Book - Interactive Virtual Book was designed for use as information point at trade shows and events, Digital Signage solution in shops and hotel lobbies, multimedia-teaser in bookstores, as an authentic designed information system for sensible original books in museums and exhibitions as well as an elegant moderation and presentation desk.



  • Transparent Acrylic-Body

  • Precise camera tracking system

  • Integrated Micro-PC

  • Integrated 1 Chip DLP Projector

  • Control via browse with hands on screen

  • Brilliant and high contrast image

  • Homogeneous projection screen

  • Special models on request

  • Screen size (BxH): 48 cm x 32 cm (24“ Diagonal)

  • Size (HxBxD): 99 cm x 60 cm x 41 cm

  • Weight: ca. 40 kg

  • Projector: 1 Chip DLP, WXGA, ca. 2500 AL

  • Material: Acrylic-Body / coated steel

  • Formats: Video and data contents

  • Optional: LED Illumination in CI-Colors

  • Optional: Housing in RAL-Colors   

  Download PDF MediaScreen Monkey Book - Interactive Virtual Book